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Who We Are

A New Community of Culinary Enthusiasts

Culidough is a global community comprised of members from all over the world brought together by their shared passion for cuisine. Members connect and interact with each other by uploading original content, as well as sharing, providing feedback, and commenting on content uploaded by their fellow users. Join today and enjoy the unique opportunity to experiment with global cuisine, refine your personal culinary skills and techniques, and connect and learn from the experiences of culinarians around the globe!

Our Platform

What sets Culidough apart? We truly value your contributions!

Every aspect of the Culidough platform has been designed with you, our community members, in mind. Our unique model rewards users for original contributions that can be enjoyed worldwide by fellow community members, while still allowing the original creater to retain all ownership rights over the content they share. Now you can have your cake and eat it too!

Our Rewards System

We convert likes, comments and shares to activity points using a mathematical equation. Reward distribution is fully decentralized and relative. Once a month based on blockchain data activity score is measured and each user gets his relative reward directly to his/hers wallet.

Custom Community Tokens

We use our own custom token to reward users and to purchase ad space. Retailers who wish to place ads must pay with Culidime, our token. That’s why retailers will accept Culidime as a means of payment.

Redeeming Tokens

Once you have your activity score calculated, reward tokens are transferred directly to your wallet. Now you can spend it with member retailers by transferring tokens virtually in exchange for goods. Culidime tokens can also be transferred to other users at no additional cost.

Content Ownership

All uploaded content is encrypted by Culidough’s servers and converted to a mathematical value, which allows us to test it against other users’ uploads to ensure its originality and avoid duplicate submissions. This way, you retain sole ownership over your uploads and only you can gain rewards from them.

Global Community

Food knows no borders! Our Culidough community is open to anyone from any country. This means that no matter where you are, you can always find fellow users to connect with and exchange knowledge, experiences, and tokens. Share your data with no concerns because you own it completely!

Unique Learning Experience

Our global community has so much to offer beyond just food! Sharing and interacting with users around the world will expand your knowledge of foreign cultures, help you form unique friendships and connections, and continuously help you expand your horizons!

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